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Thursday, November 22, 2007


outdoors girl

Congrats on finishing the walk! I will put the book on my Christmas list :-)


In your section Lindley to Scammonden, the idea for the reservoir came not from alocal farmer but from the head of Huddersfield Corporation Water Works, a Mr William Jollans who was indeed a Methodist local preacher.
I will make comment on the book at a later date

John Davies

Thanks for your correction Brian. You'll see I have made that alteration on the blog [ http://johndavies.typepad.com/walking_the_m62/2007/10/grace-under-pre.html ] and also in the updated version of the (B&W edition) of the book. Will get around to updating the colour version soon with that and a few other corrected inaccuracies. My morning spent with you remains a fond and vivid highlight of the journey.


Just a little note to say thank you for your book Walking the M62. I've written a "bookish observation" blog post at http://artuccino.com/index.php/walking-the-m62-by-john-davies-2/ and at http://artuccino.com/index.php/walking-the-m62-by-john-davies-3/ I've also listed it on my GoodReads list. Thank you for sharing your journey.
Best wishes
Diane Challenor
Book Blogger at www.artuccino.com



Is it still possible to buy the book?

The link to lulu doesn't seem to work?

Many thanks


oh wait got it!

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