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Sunday, October 28, 2007



Somehow after following most of your M62 walk - though not all because I got distracted/busy with the usual demands of life - it seems fascinating that our paths nearly crossed at the Albert Dock. Diane and I were there on Friday as part of our first proper visit to Liverpool - we realise your offer of being guided around was good but thought you were still just on the M62 - our reason for the timing of the visit being Richard Thompson's presence at the Philharmonic Hall - so we spent the day doing the tourist thing (just to get partially orientated)before absolutely delighting in RT's marvellous, marvellous songs, musicianship and band in the evening. I share your (much more locally knowledgable) take on the Albert Dock but it was good to be there - we resisted the Yellow Duckmarine (how come the pesky things are everywhere!?) but did the open top bus tour which was helpful to get a handle on the geography of parts of the city. We did a skim throught museums of Maritime, Liverpool life, and Slavery and then headed for the Turner which ensured that Diane and I had wonderful discussions/disagreements over pre-gig meal at Blend in Mount Pleasant - which we thought very enjoyable.
Just for the record Diane went for Nathan Colley's 'Not miracles'etc and I went for Mark Wallinger's bear without (artistica ignorance personified)realising he was the Westminser Iraq protest reconstruction man.

John Davies

I thought I could sense the presence of greatness whilst in the Tate but thought that was when someone's mobile phone played the Z-Cars theme (Everton theme tune). I ran out of blog energy to mention the bear; if I had I'd have gone on about me feeling a bit like Wallinger dressed as a bear in all my sitting and wandering around civic places so obviously a stranger....

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