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Saturday, October 27, 2007



Of all your splendid writing during the walk, this has (perhaps appropriately) stopped me dead in my tracks.
Too much to think on. During GB this year, a friend and I concluded that perhaps the priestly task could be summed up as "helping people to see"...but when what is seen looks like this,we are taken back to your own question: where do you go next? what then must we do??

Tony Zimnoch

But John, You See With Very Clear Eyes.Keep That Vision!


I agree with Kathryn about being stopped dead in my tracks - and with John too. I think there is something very much about the priestlytask of 'helping people to see' which, as John suggests, is something you seem to do very well. That seeing is surely about seeing both the present human condition but also the divine presence in the present and the possibilities for transformation which that divine presence offers.


In my comment when I refer to John I meant Tony - if you see what I mean! (too early in morning to think straight)

John Davies

Yes, you got it, Adrian, again, I think. I'm seeing us as ghosts, but have a gut feeling that one of these among us is probably a Holy Ghost...

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