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Tuesday, October 30, 2007



Maurice - a GOOD man! Last week he ingeniously searched every inch of my head to locate the two hairs that needed his attention. I have attended his emporium for the best part of 40 years. I arrived in Waterloo in December '67 to be interviewed for a position at good ol' St John's Primary School [I was the only candidate - and still they took 20 mins to decide!]
Maurice arrived in about 1970 and we have kept each other entertained and informed on a delightfully regular basis. This time he waxed lirical about - wait for it - his time on IONA, a week on Pilgrimage; peeling spuds, chanting the Lord's praises and enjoying conversations with a cross section of the world's population. He still walks with the Lord - and who else would I invite to and delight in seeing at my Deaconing, 6 years ago at St John's Church : Maurice, our much respected pal and brother - who follows Mrs Beaton's instructions, "first catch your hair" [sic]

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