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Saturday, September 29, 2007


Tony Zimnoch

A Pleasure Meeting John.
I thought i knew about about my hometown but i must confess i didnt know about the "Plug Plot" (*blushes*!)
Methinks i need to speak to Tim!
Best Wishes

Tony Zimnoch

John,I forgot to mention today.
Can I point you in the direction of Ralph Fox?

Halifax's greatest author.Sadly , neglected in his hometown.........(born in the Savile Park area)

John Davies

I'm sure that Tim will know about the Plug Plot as he's got a great deal of interest in the Chartists and that period, however just to clarify, I actually got the info in that paragraph from http://www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk/CHplug.htm.


Good to meet you, John. Always a pleasure to perambulate and pontificate. And Tony - I'm always up for a pint!

There was a Chartist festival just last year in Halifax, mainly commemorating local radical Ben Rushton - http://myweb.tiscali.co.uk/rushtonchartist/ - which included a walk around Skircoat Green and Salterhebble, the site of a pitched battle between workers and mounted soldiers. Rushton is buried in the Lister Lane cemetery that we walked past. In 1846, he led a 12,000-strong meeting at Blackstone Edge, which which is well worth taking in as you cross the Pennines. That's also where Daniel Defoe had conniptions as he crossed over from Rochdale in a blizzard.

I did mention Ralph Fox in the Strange Attractor piece - his only monument is a plaque on a bench at Bull Green, but I missed that out on the walk yesterday.


I've just com in on this leg (hopping) of your journey which Tony highlited on hid site.
A chilling saunter.
I remember the 'Yorkshire Ripper' story very well; something at the time I found hard to take in.
Attention-seeking (The Slasher Tour) was simpler in the old days (he says gilibly).
The Gibbet for thives and murders and the deterrence of potential criminals. I checked it out, but I got no exact info. about how it works, which is neither here or there, but you've got me interested.
The Chartists sound like what the labour party used to be. Now it's "Make a joyful noise unto the lord, (America) all ye lands," for worse
social and economic conditions for working people.
Fantastic! I wish you the very best to you and fare thee well.
Y;-) Paddy

Tony Zimnoch

Yea Tim !A Pint in The Big 6 sometime would go down well!

Tony Zimnoch

By The Way, all Ralph Fox,s books are long out of Print.But i do have a copy of "THE NOVEL AND THE PEOPLE" if anybody wants to borrow?
nb the copy was first sold at "THE NEWINGTON BOOKSHOP,27 NEWINGTON,L'POOL" and has an inscription "From Ron.Xmas 1944".

John Davies

Ah, the Newington Bookshop, a lovely little shop sadly gone the way of Ralph Fox and the Chartists - but the spirit and purpose of all these is still alive thankfully at my favourite bookshop (and I've not found one, yet, to compare with it on my travels), News from Nowhere [ http://www.newsfromnowhere.org.uk/index.php ]

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