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Sunday, September 16, 2007



What a great idea for a blog, and a walk. Take care, and enjoy.


Hi John! I've just almost fallen off my chair when your name came up as I was googling something else entirely. A jolly good reason for procrastinating over whatever it was I turned the computer on to do, I reckon. Personally, I'd recommend the M5 over the 62, seeing as the traffic is usually going at walking pace anyway, or at least it us whenever I'm trying to get back up to Liverpool... I'll have to check out your website properly and maybe email, but I'm on the run at the moment. The school run, but it sounds much more exciting if you drop the whole 'school' part of it. Be in touch! Good luck with the rest of your trip,

John Davies

Katherine: good reasons for walking the M5 rather than M52 - nice SW destinations (where obviously nice people live); overriding reason why not walk M5 over M62: it's 55 miles longer.

All: click on 'broke' link for quality blogging of painful integrity

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