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Friday, December 01, 2006


Mark Stanford

This looks really interesting - I look forward to following your adventures. I guess one question to be resolved is where to finish; the Rocket? or will you turn R and head for home? Of course if you stop there you will have only reached J3. So what about going onto St James' the proposed site of J1? I could take you to the top of the tower (if you can cope with hights)and buy you a celebratory pint in your old St Gabriel's stomping ground at the Brewery Tap before dipping your toes in the Mersey.

Best wishes

Mark Stanford

John Davies

Sounds good Mark, thanks, I may well take you up on that. I think I'll actually do a coast to coast, possibly starting at the top of a lighthouse in East Yorkshire, and I'll be spending the final month of my sabbatical living in a tower in Co. Antrim (an artists' retreat) so a 'tower' sub-theme seems to be emerging....

Paul Schofield

Hi John - what an excellent idea - as a Hull Kingston Rovers supporter, I always view it as the Rugby League corridor!
I actually work as a Tour Guide in Hull and would be extremely pleased and proud to show you our magnificent Old Town (including the birthplace of William Wilberforce), if you so wished.

Kind Regards,
Paul Schofield

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