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Friday, December 01, 2006


ellen Loudon

John, this is fantastic. You have my support and prayers all the way. You are ace! ps pack plenty of's a long way to Hull.

John Davies

Thanks for the encouragement Ellen. I'll travel light so I was thinking two pairs only - wear one, wash one, alternate.....?????

Caroline Miles

being a bit of a newbie to your old blog I'd not quite got my head round your rationale...but this new entry makes perfect sense of it all. I love the insight into 'exotic', I love the idea and plan you're embarking upon, I wish you well and all the prayers and support i can muster...much love

Chris Taylor

Excellent, idea, the M62 is one of my favourite stretches of road as well. Good job I live just a couple of miles from it.

Anyhoo, can I make a couple of suggestions of places to see on your travels? Firstly Oakwell Hall, a 16th century manor house with extensive grounds ( My favourite bit is the viewpoint from the top of the hill, check a map when you get there. The oak-panelled dining room with views of a motorway is really special :0)

And you'd also be mad to miss Blackstone Edge (, about 1 mile from the highest point of the M62 across wild moorland. Within seconds you'll go from roaring traffic to eerie solitude. There's an old Roman road up there, and fantastic views of Rochdale.

Wow, all this talk has go me a-reminiscin'. If you need a guide, or just a walking companion for a few ours, let me know!

ellen Loudon

I would keep another pair spare for emergencies (even if never needed at least you will know they are there)!


Hi John,

Drop us a line if you're in Halifax and want the Slasher tour. I'd also recommend Blackstone Edge and, of course, THAT farm.

But shouldn't this be called 'The Road to Hull'?

Chris Taylor

I was reminded of something else by my wife yesterday. Just off the Brighouse junction (27?) is what is reported to be the true grave of Robin Hood. Yes, I know there are at least three other places claiming this, but here is - apparently - different. For one thing it's difficult to get to see, you have to ask for permission from Mirfield College of the Resurrection (an Anglican training college), and the lack of tourism makes a big difference.

I have to admit I've not been myself, but my wife's been a couple of times I think and says it has a definite aura. Like it could be a "thin" place. Anyway, that may well be worth a visit.


brilliant, John. Happy walking, and I look forward to the journal. This is a very exciting idea theologically and creatively.

Tony Zimnoch

great idea.
Let me know if you have any Plans around Halifax/Hebden Bridge (a bit off your beaten track?)& any way i can help?

John Davies

Thanks to all for your support and ideas, and to those who've offered help / companionship en route - yes please to each!! I'll reply by email to each one of you when I start to put my detailed plans together in the New Year.

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