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Sunday, 01 September 2013


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Karin McDonald

Wow! I rarely check my blogs and all those I follow, so this was a bit of a shock, but totally understandable. - A Wild Goose never lays tame eggs.

We need a church for all of us who don't think church is the answer! Trouble is, we're so spread across the country.

I'm about to embark on a Pastoral Assistant course and am wondering if it will help me put Jesus' teachings into practice or try to push me into a restrictive box.

As a result of her being at Greenbelt I've started reading one of Barabara Brown Taylor's books, an Altar in the World - not to be confused with Barbara Bradford Taylor, whose books still sit on library shelves.

Good luck with the next phase of your journey.


I am sad for the church but excited for you.Some words which you may already know "Listen pilgrim there are no roads - roads are made by walking and its only as you begin walking that you understand what the journey means." I pray the journey will move on for you with surprise wonder & a renewed sense of Gods grace. I will miss reading your sermons - they often gave me food for thought at the start of a new week.

Janet Rees

I too will miss your wonderful sermons. Just bought your book of Devon Sermons. Keep your brilliant site going.

John Davies

Thanks for your encouraging words, everyone - please keep an eye on this site as I intend to keep adding to it, and will definitely be preaching again!

Geoff Rhodes

John - I too have just checked in on here to find that you are moving on again - how do you know that somewhere is the right place? We have just looked around a possible parish and Caroline is just starting out on her first set of application forms. Are you looking for another parish or are you leaving the C of E entirely?

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